Punta Chivo Surf Camp - Salina Cruz, Mexico


What to do when there's no surf? We offer daily non-surfing activity complimentary. The Salina Cruz region has much to offer travelers. The Jungle landscape is beautiful and sunrises, over the vast Pacific Ocean, are often spectacular. Salina Cruz is one of the few places in the world that offers world-class surfing waves. In addition to surfing,Salina Cruz is ideal for swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, kite surfing, hiking, natural fresh water springs, trekking to ancient ruins like the Zapotecs of Guiengola, scenic city tours, and fishing, catch roosterfish, mahi mahi, jacks, sierra mackerel and snappers from the beach or catch a sailfish from a boat.

la oyaga

Natural Spring water ¨ la oyaga ¨ located 20 min. south of Salina Cruz (clean- waters) there is an old big tree surrounded of natural waters and restaurants.


Trekking in Arqueologic ruins and temples 'Guiengola' are Zapotec Ruins, Located 30 minutes west of Salina Cruz.


Shopping tour by indigenous markets. Located 30 minutes south Salina Cruz, you will see a lot of traditional stuff. Foods like iguana dishes, turtle eggs, armadillo, local candy, corn and chocolate, ect. Clothing like: Mexican sombreros, sandals, and traditional cloths.

copalita Waterfall

Copalita Waterfalls (swimming & rafting). Located just 40 minutes east of Salina Cruz.